The Demo Kitchen at Faubion School provides a unique space for students and community members to gain valuable culinary skills and learn new techniques. The kitchen seats 30 people and is available to reserve. Since its opening in 2017, the kitchen has been used over 50 times by more than 1200 students, families, and community members.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many ovens are available?

The kitchen has two ovens.

Is there a microwave?


Does the kitchen have cups, bowls, and plates?

Groups are asked to provide their own paper products.

Are dishcloths and towels provided? Who washes them?

Yes, there are dishcloths and towels to use. You do not need to take them home to wash.

What are my group’s clean up responsibilities?

Please download and refer to this checklist to make sure the kitchen is left clean for the next group.

What happens if the kitchen or refrigerator is left uncleaned?

The group leader using the kitchen will be contacted the first time. If the issue persists, the group may not be able to reserve the kitchen again.

How long will I have to wait to hear if the kitchen is available and my reservation accepted?

Within 24-48 hours after submitting the completed Kitchen Reservation form, you will be notified of its availability and acceptance of your reservation. Please check the calendar below for initial availability.


Please email or call:
Jaclyn Sisto (971-804-9125)
Karen Morgan (503-280-8606)
Andrew Lafrenz (503-280-8603)

Reserve the Demo Kitchen

Please review the calendar below for availability, then complete the Reservation Request form.

Demo Kitchen Reservation Request Form

Demo Kitchen Calendar (click an event for more details)

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