The Power of Possibilities

Imagine going to class each week not in a lecture hall, but in an elementary school classroom. Or health clinic. Or food pantry. Or maker space. That’s the idea behind 3toPhD® – an integrated, immersive learning partnership between Concordia University, Portland Public Schools’ Faubion School, Trillium Family Services, basics (formerly Pacific Foods), and Kaiser Permanente — a partnership designed to close the opportunity gap and ensure that every child can fulfill their potential. The collective vision, years in the making, is for a safer, healthier, and better-educated community— something that can be replicated anywhere in the nation and beyond.

The home of this groundbreaking new model is a three-story, 138,000 square foot 3toPhD® facility, serving up to 800 pre-Kindergarten through 8th-grade students and home to Concordia’s College of Education, students, faculty, and staff. From day one, Concordia students from every degree program have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in their field while making an appreciable difference in the lives of Faubion students and families. At Concordia, our mission as a Christian university is to prepare leaders for the transformation of society. The 3toPhD® initiative is our mission in action — working collaboratively to strengthen the community from the ground up — thanks to our community partners and generous donations from our supporters.

Students working with students to improve outcomes for all

Every day, dozens of college students from Concordia University help – and learn – at Faubion School. They serve as mentors, tutors, and one-on-one reading coaches. They teach art class, lead recess, demonstrate scientific theories, and run a food club. Welcome to 3toPhD®! Concordia students gain unparalleled experience in their fields. Faubion students gain reading skills, life skills, and the confidence that comes from having even more adults who care about them and are invested in their educational success. It’s a win-win for everyone involved – including parents, families, and the surrounding community.

For students in Concordia’s College of Education, 3toPhD® means being fully immersed in an elementary school setting beginning their first day in college. Concordia education students learn how to be effective teachers by watching, learning, and doing – often inside a real elementary school class. Students also serve as reading tutors and help out in classrooms. And since the entire College of Education is embedded inside a school, students also have the opportunity to interact with parents, administrators, and support staff, experiencing all aspects of daily life in a school environment.

For students in Concordia’s School of Management, 3toPhD® provides a variety of business and marketing opportunities, including a chance to engage in every aspect of the program’s food club – from logistics and budgets to resource management and marketing — all while learning about organizational structures.

For students in Concordia’s College of Health and Human Services, 3toPhD® gives students a chance to put what they learn in the classroom into action as servant leaders in the community. Concordia students work with Faubion students on health, nutrition, and fitness activities. These experiences are integrated into the coursework, practicum, student research, and volunteer opportunities that challenge Concordia students to become transformational leaders.

Please donate now to help 3toPhD® with its mission. Every little bit helps make a difference in the lives of the students and families that we support on a daily basis.

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