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As a curly haired client, you deserve a salon that treats your locks with love and care. These best curly hairdresser melbourne do just that.

New Zealand native, Tina Mudd has a word of mouth following that keeps clients coming back to her Greville Street salon. She works using the Deva method and stocks curly girl friendly products such as Everescents.
Aoki Hair

If you’re looking for a curly hairdresser in Melbourne, look no further than Aoki Hair. This salon is a leader in cutting, styling and product application for wavy, curly and coily hair. Their team of stylists are experts in the field and have a passion for curls. They also offer consultations to help you find the perfect style for your hair.

Aoki Hair offers various discounts and deals throughout the year, including Black Friday. These sales are great opportunities to save money on your next haircut or hair color. Be sure to check out their social media and website for updates on these promotions.

Neel is the high priest of kinks and loops and his Fitzroy salon is a shrine to curls. He has a gift for giving your locks shapes that flatter your face and personality, and his expertise is undeniable. His scissor wizardry is so precise, he’s known for his re-education of clients on how to embrace their curls.
Wenz Hair

If you have curly hair, this salon is the one for you. The team is passionate about the curl girl method and will teach you how to look after your textured locks so they remain healthy. They also use Milkshake Colours which are kinder on the hair than other harsher products.

A New Zealand native, Tina has built this Prahran salon from the ground up with a focus on curls and coils. She uses a deconstructed dry cutting technique, and adds artistic flare to create shapes that compliment an individual’s natural curves and features.

Swathed in Aveda aromas, Rhodes is a salon with curly hair love written all over it. The team specialise in all aspects of curls, and the salon has an extensive range of curly hair products. Their consultation process is thorough, and they take into account your lifestyle and future follicle plans. They even have a few stylists with curly hair themselves, making them a great choice for anyone looking for a lock lover.
Neel Loves Curls

Neel Loves Curls is a hair salon for people who love their curls. The team is passionate about making each client’s experience positive. They offer a specialised curl menu, and they also have products available to buy to help you keep your curls in top condition.

Located above Quick Brown Fox in Fitzroy, the salon is a haven for curl lovers. The salon’s owner, Neel Morley, explains that her business was born from her passion for textured hair. Her obsession started when she began reading The Curly Girl Handbook.

The stylists at Mousey Brown are experts in dry cutting, which works especially well for curly hair. Their ethos is to cut your hair as naturally as possible, and they work with each client’s natural shape and texture to create a style that’s unique to them. The salon also offers a range of hydrating and styling products to help keep your curls in top form. They’re also known for their amazing customer service, which has made them a favourite with Melbourne locals.
Rhodes Hair & Spa

This eastern suburbs salon has ‘curly hair love’ written all over it. Swathed in Aveda aromas, this salon’s services have your curls covered from head to toe. They offer a wide variety of styling services, from a basic trim to a complete cut and style, plus color and treatments.

The best curly hairdressers understand how to work with a client’s individual hair texture, challenges, and lifestyle preferences. Unlike other salons, a true specialist doesn’t just advertise their CGM expertise and products online, but delivers knowledge and results that support how the individual wants to live with their curls.

Tom Morley has cultivated his craft for 30 years with a unique philosophy that prioritizes helping his clients. His clients leave with beautiful curls and a far more educated perspective on their hair than they’ve ever had before. They also walk away with a bag full of products to keep their new look in top form!

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