Explosion Proof High Performance Butterfly Valves


Butterfly valves provide a reliable shutoff isolation solution for liquid and gaseous services. The soft and fire-safe seat designs offer bubble-tight, bi-directional dead-end service up to ANSI Class 150.

Explosion proof electric actuator can run with 4-20mA or 0-10V DC current signal to control 0270deg rotation of the valve. They are widely used in petroleum, chemical, waler treatmenl, shipping, paper making and heating industry.
Class 150

Designed for use in hazardous locations, this explosion proof butterfly valve is available with a wide variety of direct mount Bray electric actuators. It also features a visual and electrical valve position indication, manual override and weatherproof enclosure.

The double-offset design of this valve allows for reduced contact between the disc and seat, reducing wear, enhancing performance and extending valve life. Its servo-assisted closing technique also eliminates the possibility of water hammer in piping systems.

The explosion-proof valve has a simple structure and is easy to maintain, making it a good choice for industrial applications. It can be connected to a control system and operated remotely, which can help to improve the efficiency of industrial processes. The explosion-proof valve can also be used in dangerous situations, such as fires or accidents, to protect workers and equipment.
Class 300

This type of valve is commonly used in power generation, petrochemical, construction and gas industries. Class 300 valves are available in Carbon Steel and Stainless steel ratings in both standard and double-offset designs.

This class of valve can be equipped with a variety of actuator options such as manual, air and electric actuators for automatic on/off, throttling and isolation control. It also has a dual-seat design with a double offset stem to reduce contact between the seat and body.

Explosion proof butterfly valves are commonly used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power and water conservancy industries for the control and regulation of various fluid media. They are specially designed to withstand high temperature and pressure working environments while protecting against explosions. This type of valve has a simple structure and is easy to maintain, which can reduce maintenance costs and downtime. They can also be connected to a control system for remote monitoring and automatic operation.
Class 400

The Class 400 Explosion Proof Butterfly Valve features a Triple Eccentric, or Triple Offset, disc design that provides absolute zero leakage. The valve is torque-seated and fire-safe, making it ideal for power generation applications that require high temperatures, petroleum refineries that use reactive chemicals, and water treatment plants with high water pressure levels.

General service butterfly valves are built to process the same liquids and gases as high-performance butterfly valves, but they can’t endure higher temperatures or pressure levels. They are also sealed with elastomers that are susceptible to erosion, while high-performance butterfly valves are made with PTFE seats that can handle chemically reactive and corrosive liquids and gases.

High-performance butterfly valves can also feature a useful halo indicator that monitors the position of the post indicator in hazardous outdoor locations. This can help plant managers and operators stay safe while they are operating the valve. In addition, the valves can be configured with a SIL 2 safety instrumented system to meet your application requirements.
Class 500

Compared to general service butterfly valves, high-performance models are constructed with PTFE seats that can handle chemically reactive and corrosive liquids, gases and steam. They also have lower torques, which leads to a longer actuator life.

Explosion-proof valves have visual and electrical indication for the position of the valve, and can be controlled remotely to reduce labor costs. They also meet ISO 5211 and Namur international installation standards.

For applications where temperature and pressure levels are high, you need a valve that can stand up to the conditions. This type of valve is ideal for power generation, oil and gas industries, or chemical processing. It’s also the best choice for industrial applications that risk fugitive emissions. They’re also the safest option for dust removal systems containing combustible materials. Its double-offset design minimizes the contact between the disc and seat, reducing opening resistance and wear. It is also available with a metal seat, making it an excellent choice for corrosive and high-temperature services.Explosion Proof High Performance Butterfly Valves


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