How To Find Someone’s Birthday by Using Social Media Platforms

How To Find Someone's Birthday
How To Find Someone's Birthday

Finding out another person’s birthday without asking them is possible for a number of reasons. You’re the generous type; you want to throw someone a surprise birthday party, or you want to sign them up for some dubious products as a joke.

You might have forgotten your significant other’s birthday and need to get them a gift or plan a romantic getaway. It might simply be that you forgot someone’s birthday and want a way to find out without having to ask directly.

The solution to your problem is in this post if you need to find out about someone’s birthday without them finding out about it. You decide what you do with that information. I will show you several ways to find out someone’s birthday in this post.

How To Find Out About Someone’s Birthday

You can find out someone’s birthday in a few sneaky ways that won’t alert them to the fact that you forgot their birthday.

Make Use of social media

Facebook is a place where most people put their birthdays in plain sight, so it makes sense to look there first. Find their birthday under the About section under the Overview section of their Facebook profile.

Alternatively, you can go to Events and then Upcoming Birthdays. The person’s birthday will be listed if they have entered it. In case they did not add their birthday to Facebook or if you aren’t able to see that information, try another method.

You can check social media through Snapchat or Instagram as well. It will be possible to see their past celebrations if you navigate through their Instagram or Facebook profiles. You’ll know you’ve chosen the right date if you post pictures of a cake and a happy birthday tiara.

The social networking site LinkedIn also offers birthdate information. Scroll through the users’ profiles and recent posts to find birthday wishes. A message is sent to every connection notifying them of a person’s birthday if the person you’re curious about added their information. You will be notified if you visit someone’s LinkedIn profile. Prepare an explanation of why you were there if this is your last resort.

Phone A Friend

You can ask a mutual friend for a gift if you’re planning a party or want a gift in plenty of time. Just make sure you don’t let on that you asked! Get your phone and make that call.

Be Sure to Check Their Calendar!

Visit your friend’s house and look at the wall calendar in their kitchen. People often circle a date and say ‘name’s the big day,’ ‘my birthday, or something along those lines. Just have a good excuse to be at home at the time! Maybe you’re thirsty and happen to glance at the wall calendar as you reach for a glass of water.

Digital calendars work the same way if you have access to them. Apple’s calendar or Google Calendar may help you here. Alternatively, you could ask them to share their calendar with you if they leave their phone lying around.

Search Google or DuckDuckGo for their birthday

Google or DuckDuckGo may tell you what you need to know if your friend is active on social media or works online. See what comes up when you search for their name and city on Google or another search engine.

Public records, social media accounts, a personal website, or their date of birth are sometimes displayed by the search engine from publicly available information.

Records Search

You may be able to check dates of birth online through websites such as Zaba search or your local public records office. Zaba search is a pretty good way to find out about people, but others limit what information is available online.

It only has access to public information, but it is still a useful resource to try. You can often find someone’s birthday using these types of services, but they usually charge money.


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