internet users continue to rise along with word games


As mobile and internet users continue to rise, so the world of games continues to evolve. Nowadays, practically every game has been modified so it can be played digitally on a computer.

Just like Scrabble, the goal of the game is to get higher points than your opponent. There are two ways to do this. To play offensively, making sure you get the highest scoring words on the board; second is to play defensively, blocking your opponent’s moves so he doesn’t garner high points.

There are days when you get stuck, however, and the tiles in your rack don’t seem to make any sense, and you just want to know how to cheat on Words with Friends. You may ask, is it possible? Just like most other games, yes, you can find Words with Friends cheats as well. Of course, whenever the topic of cheating comes up you must pull out you own moral and ethical compass and proceed with care. So, before you read on any further, be warned that you will learn of ways to gain an immense unfair advantage against your foes. If you would like to cheat on Words With Friends, make sure it’s not your real friends you cheat on. It must have been Franklin D. Roosevelt who said, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Nevertheless, putting ethical issues of cheating aside, it’s important to note that there is a legitimate use for the Words With Friends cheat tools. Some pro-level players use various similar applications to improve their vocabulary, strategy and overall game. Just like with Scrabble, to win at Words with Friends, you really need an extensive vocabulary and you must have memorized the most obscure words. For example, it is mandatory to memorize all 101 two-letter words, especially these newly acceptable ones such as: QI, KI, KA, AA, ZA.

A Words with Friends helper can really help you rack up the highest points from the tiles you have.  you just need to input your tiles and the board tiles, and the tool will come up with the words you can play on the board. Usually the tool will also give corresponding scores, so you can make an intelligent decision of where to place your word.

Another way to cheat at Words with Friends is to make up your own words. Yes, you’ll be surprised to know that this is perfectly alright to do in the game, but if your opponent challenges it and he proves that it’s not a real word, you end up losing a turn. If it ends up being a real word, then he loses a turn. So it’s all fair, right? Just remember to use caution when using this “scrabble” strategy as it will not always work when playing computerized versions of Words With Friends.

As you play with different opponents online, you’ll realize that some of your opponents are utilizing similar Words with Friends cheat tools (this is usually revealed when your opponent is using really rare long words, such as MUZJIKS and so forth), so to beat your opponent, you really have to rely on your wits and strategic moves. This is a good time to start playing defensively¬†and to use tools like Random Picker Wheel

Some of the strategic defense moves you can utilize include not leaving a letter next to a triple or double word score, and playing a short word instead of a long one to avoid letting your opponent get to the double and triple points. Yes, sometimes it’s a good idea to sacrifice your own score in order to prevent your opponent racking up high points. Another strategy against a player that is using a Words With Friends cheater is to concentrate solely on parallel words. Playing parallel words means to place words on top, below and on right, left sides of an existing board word. If your opponent is also cheating with a tool, it will be much more difficult for him/her to lay out bingos against a player who keeps strategically playing parallel words


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