Michael Kors bags are not only stylish, but they are also crafted from quality materials. These include Saffiano leather, Plether leather and well-sewn loops. With their sophisticated designs, they are ideal for conjuring up a jet-set lifestyle.

Saffiano leather

If you are looking for a top-notch bag, look no further than mk handbags. They feature the brand’s best Saffiano leather. These handbags are known for their quality construction, smooth finish and uncluttered styling. The leather is also durable and scratch-resistant.

While real leather is always recommended, Michael Kors has begun using synthetic materials as well. These bags offer a more affordable alternative. Some products include faux leather, polyurethane, and cotton canvas.

Depending on the materials used, the production process may vary. Whether it involves a stamping, dyeing, or coating, it will depend on the desired end-look.

Most Saffiano leather is made from high-quality calf leather. It is thick, durable, and water-resistant. However, it does require some care and maintenance.

The waxy surface is easy to clean with a damp cloth. This layer provides a scratch-proof barrier and makes the leather practical and water-resistant.

Plether leather

Michael Kors Plether leather bags are made of high quality materials and have a long lifespan. However, they can be prone to stains and dirt. If you notice any signs of damage to your bag, there are steps you can take to improve its appearance and protect it from harm.

The first step is to use a soft, dry cloth or a sponge to wipe the lining. You can also try a mild fabric cleaner and a cotton swab. Make sure to clean the surface dirt, as well.

Next, you can apply a protective coating that will protect the leather from scratches, stains, and dirt. This should be done according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

After applying the protective coating, you should let the leather sit for a few minutes. Once it has had time to dry, you can buff it with a clean, soft cloth.

Straight-line double stitching

When looking for an authentic Michael Kors bag, pay attention to the stitching. This is the toughest part to copy, as it requires experienced labor and skill.

Authentic Michael Kors purses will have a nice loop sewn into the seam. Aside from that, the pocket will be stitched with a signature triangle. The stitching should be smooth and even.

Another asymmetrical feature is the zipper. Real Michael Kors bags have zippers with a metal finish. On the other hand, fakes will have zipper pulls that are made from cheap plastic.

Another sign of a fake Michael Kors bag is the absence of a zipper pocket. It’s a good idea to have one of these on your bag, as it’s a handy place to store your wallet, phone, and other small items.

Well-sewn loop

When it comes to buying Michael Kors bags, one must be careful in their selection. Not only are they not cheap, but they are also not all made of genuine leather.

In order to ensure that you are getting the real thing, you must check the quality of the stitching. It should be neat and straight. The lining of the handbag should be of high quality as well. If there is any unevenness in the stitching, it is likely that it is a fake.

Also, make sure that the zipper is authentic. There should be a brass finish on the zipper, and it should be paired with an elongated zipper pull. A counterfeit zipper will often be attached to a less than glimmering piece of leather.

You should also check the interior of the bag. Authentic Michael Kors bags feature a specific design on the inside. This includes a pocket on the right side, and a cellphone pocket on the left.

Conjure a jet set lifestyle

The worlds first self-titled luxury lifestyle brand, Michael Kors, is bringing the magic of the jet set to Hongqiao airport in May. Guests will be treated to a private 30,000 square foot jet hangar that will be the focal point of an immersive experience. Using a high-definition video projection system, the Musion Eyeliner will showcase a series of 3D visuals that will transport the crowd to a series of locations that will be as enlightening as they are immersive. A slew of celebrity and social media influencers will also be on hand, making this a truly memorable occasion.

Not content with simply launching a brand, Michael Kors has also launched a series of handbags, satchels and totes to accompany it. These items aren’t just about looks, though, as these bags are made to last. With the quality you expect from this name in fashion, it’s no wonder these are a popular choice amongst the well-heeled. From the aptly named Jet Set, to the more subdued East West, you’re sure to find a bag to suit your fancy.

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