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Pressure canning is the process of processing low acid foods In this process, micro organisms that are present in your food will be prevented from staying in your food. These micro organisms such as bacteria, fungi, enzymes and moulds are the one that causes food to spoil. Some microbes can’t be killed through boiling; high pressure is needed to fully kill these microbes. This method is said to be an expensive method for you have to provide a pressure canner in doing this method. Buying pressure canners are okay for it really guarantees safety in canning low acids foods.

In pressure canning, every equipments and parts must be in good condition. They are always checked and examined, like gauges and gaskets. Following precautions in this method is strictly implemented for it may cause accidents like burns. In pressure canning, gather all basic needs first. Use special canning jars with lid and band only. Applying canning basics and guidelines like proper sealing, right amount of headspace, removing of air bubbles using rubber spatulas and proper storage in cool, dark and dry place are all important. All of these guidelines are for food safety and good quality foods. Labelling of preserved foods is required for knowing details about your preserved food.

All the tips and guidelines in canning are all important in this process. Never neglect even small details, which you think are not important; all details in procedures, tips and guidelines are important. All that are being implied is for good canning process that you can do even at home. All those are stated are for your own good and safety or even in your family. Self-discipline is a must in every canning procedures learn to obey and follow certain rules.

Now you can start your pressure canning procedure for you have learned all the things you have to know. From the pressure canning basics to quality end product storage are all here. All are provided for you in simple and easy to understand procedures and tips. So start those hands now for you can begin canning

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