When you’re looking for replacement windows for your Swansea home, there are many factors to consider. Whether you live in a new-build property or a traditional cottage, the type of windows you choose will impact on your energy bills and overall security. UPVC double glazing is one of the most popular options, but which style will suit your home?
UPVC double glazing

UPVC is a popular choice of material for window frames, and it is highly energy efficient. The thermal insulation prevents cold air from entering your home during winter and warm air from escaping during summer, which can reduce your heating bills significantly.

Unlike traditional windows, UPVC frames do not require painting and can be cleaned simply with a damp cloth. They are also resistant to corrosion and rot, making them an excellent choice for a new build or renovation project.

uPVC is also environmentally friendly and recyclable. Its off-cuts are often recycled into new products, such as uPVC doors and furniture. UPVC is available in many different styles, including heritage sash windows for period properties. There are even tilt and turn windows that can open in two directions for effective ventilation.
UPVC casement windows

uPVC windows are extremely versatile, safe and easy to maintain. They also add value to a home, and can save on energy bills. They also help reduce outside noise and allow plenty of natural light to flood your property.

Choosing the right casement window for your home will depend on your preferences and the style of your property. There are two main types: flush and regular casement windows. Flush casement windows are a little different than regular ones, as they sit completely flush with the frame when closed.

Double glazed UPVC casement windows consist of two panes of glass separated by a gap filled with air or gas. This provides an extra layer of insulation, helping to keep your home cosy in winter and cool in summer. They also reduce outside noise and improve sound insulation in your home.
UPVC tilt and turn windows

Tilt and turn windows are a great choice for modern homes. They are highly thermally optimized and pass rigorous field tests for European standards. They are also easy to clean and keep looking new. These windows are available in a variety of designs and sizes, and they can be customized to suit your needs.

They allow natural light into the room and can be opened wide for ventilation. They are a good option for hot climates because they prevent heat from seeping into the house and reduce electricity bills. They can also be opened from the bottom to allow fresh air into the house.

uPVC tilt and turn windows are more expensive than other window types, due to their complex design and extra features. However, they offer many benefits such as incredible versatility, air sealed design and security.
UPVC flush casement windows

UPVC flush casement windows are one of the most popular uPVC replacement window options available. They offer admirable timber sightlines combined with modern, energy-efficient UPVC materials. They’re also durable, featuring Yale grade locking systems and meeting Secure by Design requirements.

This timber alternative is perfect for older style houses and heritage buildings, as well as any home looking to preserve its character. Its mechanically jointed sash, with the look of mortise and tenons, helps it blend in with traditional properties.

They’re made bespoke to your specifications, which means they can be as traditional or contemporary as you like. They also feature a wide range of colours, including beautiful woodgrain finishes. The multi-chambered frame, argon gas and warm edge spacer bars help to make this window incredibly energy efficient.
UPVC sash windows

UPVC sash windows offer the ultimate combination of traditional aesthetics and modern energy efficiency. These windows feature quality glazing that maximises light while helping to protect your home from the sun’s rays. You can also easily open them for ventilation and enjoy the scenic views that surround your home.

These windows use the same counterbalance system as timber sash windows, which help them to open and close smoothly. They can be fitted with a single moveable window pane known as a single-hung sash or two window panes that slide up and down, which is called double-hung sash. Anglian’s uPVC sash windows have a Georgian bar glazing option, which adds to their classic look.

UPVC is a great choice for your new window, as it resists weathering and can last for years without deterioration. You can choose from a wide range of colours and finishes to match your home’s décor.windows swansea

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