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He was allegedly harassed by his ex-girlfriend following their split, and he obtained a restraining order against her.A temporary restraining order was issued against Vanessa Lunnon in February 2018 against PJ Marshall, who played Cole Clemens on the “Batman”-inspired series.

Lunnon was ordered to stay away from Marshall until the end of March, as well as from assault, stalking, harassment, aggravated harassment, and menacing, according to a restraining order obtained by Page Six.

In addition to “Luke Cage”, Marshall has appeared on “Blue Bloods.”Carlton also claimed that Lunnon Vanessa Lunnon Harassment sent her old photos of herself and Marshall from when they were dating on her website. She also claimed that Lunnon cyberstalked her on social media and “started posting nasty comments” on her Facebook photos from multiple fake accounts.”

She experienced episodes of post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the alleged cyberstalking.Despite having learned how to manage my Post-Traumatic Stress symptoms for many years, the cyber-harassment brought all of her symptoms back, she wrote.

The relationship between Vanessa Lunnon and PJ Marshall ended amicably some time ago. Elizabeth Carlton, Mr. Marshall’s alleged girlfriend, suffers from cognitive impairment and has been cyber harassing Ms. Lunnon by spreading false rumors and accusations on social media, the lawyer for Lunnon told Page Six in a statement on Tuesday.

In fact, on May 10, 2018, Judge Spero Kalambakas of the South Brunswick Municipal Court dismissed with prejudice a criminal case that Ms. Carlton filed in New Jersey against our client on the basis that it was without merit. We are looking into legal options at this point.”

The Other Hollywood Women Harassed

Here are the other Hollywood women who are harassed by different peoples in Hollywood industry. Now a days, it is more common in Hollywood industry.

  • RINA MIMOUN – Writer & Executive Producer

One of my first jobs as a writer’s assistant was on a sitcom. It had only one female writer, and the rest of the staff was made up of white men. The showrunner related a “hilarious” story about having sex with an unconscious girl who passed out in his bed in the middle of the night. “That’s not rape, is it?” This line never seemed to age. What is rape and what isn’t? As a young woman with a minor in women’s studies, I knew it was ALL rape. As a young professional just starting out, I laughed along with her. That’s where the shame lies. If only I hadn’t done that.”

  • ALLYN STEWART -Film Producer

My twenties were marked by a great deal of sexual harassment, which led to me developing a posture of “You won’t get near me.” I developed a tougher exterior and expressed far less of my femininity at work. When men said to me, “You’re so tough,” I told them it was just self-defense. That makes me sadder than fighting off the harassers. It was a loss for me. My softness, vulnerability, and femininity, which are vital components of creativity, had to be shut down. In some cases, expressing those things can lead to sexual components that weren’t intended. Therefore, you just shut it down. Instead of fending off men, I wanted to be respected, taken seriously, and appreciated as an equal. As a result, I feel a great deal of sadness in my heart that I had to shut off a part of myself in order to do that. After many years, reopening the creative flow took a lot of internal work.

  • KATHERINE FUGATE – Writer-Producer

My assistant used to attend pitch and notes meetings at the head of a production company after hours and on weekends. His meetings would sometimes be conducted on a massage table while he was naked receiving a massage. Afterward, he got up, had his butt hanging out, and went to pee, with the door open.

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