Snus is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to quit smoking. Epidemiological studies show that the use of smokeless tobacco dramatically reduces health risks and can even lower the mortality rate for current smokers.

Snus is a moist oral tobacco product placed behind the upper lip in portioned sachets that resemble miniature tea bags. A recent study [102] looked at seven cross-sectional data sets and found that daily snus users had high quit rates for smoking.


Snus is a smokeless tobacco alternative to smoking that can help reduce the risk of lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, pancreatic cancer and oral cancer. It also helps to eliminate the harmful combustion products in cigarette smoke that can cause respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis.

There is growing evidence that snus is associated with reduced risks of disease in the population as a whole, but the benefits are less clear for individual users. A large study of Swedish construction workers found a RR of 2.4 for oropharyngeal and oral cancer in dual users compared with never-smokers.

There is some concern that snus could act as a gateway to cigarette use, and research on the gateway hypothesis has been mixed. A small number of studies have also reported that snus may increase the chances of successfully quitting smoking.


While smokeless tobacco is commonplace in Scandinavia, it’s virtually unknown in Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia. In fact, customs officers typically regard the Swedish product as contraband if they find it in travelers’ backpacks and will usually toss it. But two Swedes on opposite sides of the Thai-Laos border have begun to cultivate a cottage industry by producing and selling snus in a region where it is generally befuddled.

Viking Snus uses only natural ingredients, including tobacco grown without pesticide, spring water and salt. They also use a modern, longcut style of snus that is not sweetened but contains the same base as Swedish loose snus and does not contain the alkalizing agent used in many brands today, which is sodium carbonate.


Buying Swedish thailand snus is not only convenient, but also a healthier alternative to smoking. Unlike cigarettes, snus and nicotine pouches provide a smoother, less irritating smoke that’s not only smokeless but also contains less toxins and chemicals.

Svensson’s “Pioneer Snus” is the fruit of his labor, but even he doesn’t expect it to explode in popularity. He and his Laotian snus-making assistant, Vichit, are battling a mountain of odds: Thailand’s strict tobacco advertising laws and regional oblivion to snus make it a tough sell.

Snus can be carried into and out of Thailand as carry-on luggage, but you must declare it. For larger amounts, you will need to fill out a special declaration form at the airport. This form is available at all Thai airports and is usually located in the baggage claim area.


A variety of epidemiological studies based on data from Swedish construction workers cohorts [34, 35, 36] have shown that regular snus users have a lower risk for cardiovascular disease. This reduced risk is independent of smoking and is attributed to the fact that snus users consume fewer cigarettes per day compared with cigarette smokers.

Viking Snus only uses pure Swedish tobacco that is air-cured and mixed with spring water, salt and an alkalizing agent (today it’s sodium carbonate). It is free from artificial colors and flavors and contains no added sugar. According to Nutt et al, snus is estimated to confer only 5% of the harm of cigarettes. Several studies have also indicated that snus does not act as a gateway product and leads people away from smoking.


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