Fitness hub is an easy-to-use, flexible fitness and gym WordPress theme. It’s designed mainly for gym, yoga classes, workout studios and other health and wellness centres.

EGYM Fitness Hub provides swift and touchless onboarding, intuitive body analyses, and motivational training progress visualizations directly at the training floor. This helps your members save time and increase motivation.


The technology behind EGYM BioAge takes the guesswork out of tracking workout progress. After a quick and touchless induction, just tap your EGYM band against the screen to have Smart Strength and Smart Cardio equipment automatically adjust to your measurements. This makes it easy to start working out immediately, and also ensures that your progress is tracked to your specific body rather than a generic standard.

EGYM BioAge is designed to make it easier for members to understand how their training positively impacts their individual fitness and health, and motivate them to keep on track. It combines a range of user measurements into an easy-to-understand BioAge that can be compared to a member’s physical age.

In addition, EGYM BioAge offers a range of functionalities that simplify the member experience on the connected training floor. This includes efficient and touchless onboardings, intuitive body analyses (with a focus on the waist-to-hip ratio), flexible tests with intuitive user guidance, superior precision, cheating detection, and simple progress visualisation.

EGYM Smart Strength

EGYM Smart Strength is a revolutionary new experience that combines effective exercises with a personalized, motivating user experience. It provides workouts based on personal goals and abilities, preventing overtraining or training plateaus – and keeping members engaged.

After inputting a few simple health and fitness metrics, the machines calibrate resistance to match each member’s level – reducing risk of injury and promoting proper form. This also ensures each member trains at the optimum intensity for optimal results and reduced fatigue.

The intelligent training programs adjust the number of repetitions, speed and weight to match the selected program. In addition, the machines regularly conduct maximum strength tests to determine the optimum training weight.

The Smart Strength equipment can be used in Auto Mode for guided, workouts suited to beginners. It can also be used in the circuit mode for fast, synchronised workouts. In both cases, the equipment allows for efficient capacity utilisation at peak times and offers effective monetisation opportunities with Guest Mode, EGYM ID and EGYM+.

EGYM BioMotion

EGYM BioMotion is an advanced solution for fitness and health facilities to drive measurable business and member outcomes on the training floor and beyond. Its cutting-edge 3D camera enables best-in-class precision for automatic measurement, efficient and touchless onboarding, and precise and impactful self-service assessments.

In addition, it automatically analyzes the user’s posture during workouts to adjust machine settings to fit the person scanned. This helps members perform a full-body, targeted workout in the least amount of time.

Flexibility assessment is also easy: it shows the raw angle of the flexibility test results on screen and compares them to a normalized score related to the user’s age, making progress clear and intuitive.

All workout data is synced with the EGYM Cloud across our entire ecosystem of Smart machines, connected partner cardio equipment and third-party apps and wearables. This creates a seamless and connected experience for the members, and an improved workflow for the operators. It also enables the facility to add new upselling opportunities for members.

EGYM BioMovement

EGYM’s fitness program adapts to the member based on training goals and data from recurring assessments. After a one-time introduction, EGYM adjusts equipment settings automatically during each workout session. It also recommends workout content for the branded member app to allow members to continue their progress seamlessly outside of the gym.

Depending on the exercise intensity, the EGYM system calculates a specific biometric value – a ‘Health BioAge’ – which provides a clear overview of the member’s fitness and health status. This allows trainers to provide a unique, personalized experience and boost member motivation with a clear and easy-to-understand metric.

The new Fitness Hub turns new member onboarding into an accessible, contactless experience and enables club staff to focus on value-adding personal interaction. The automatic scan and analysis enable Smart Strength machines to be set up quickly to exactly fit the member in just seconds. With intuitive on-screen guidance, recurring assessments are easily completed and self-served by the member, including the new flexibility test.

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