Vintage and Antique engagement rings are becoming more popular. The popularity of Kate Middleton’s sapphire ring has brought this type of jewelry to the attention of a whole new generation of would-be brides.

One of the best things about antique and vintage diamonds is that they are often one-of-a-kind. This was due to a different approach to diamond cutting, which created an individual look.

Rose Cut Diamonds

With their flat base and customizable facets, rose cut diamonds are suitable for a wide variety of ring styles. Whether it’s a solitaire rose-cut diamond or a halo ring, these antique gems add a romantic glow to every ensemble.

This ancient cut was designed to shimmer under candlelight, so it’s the perfect choice for those with a natural affinity for vintage romance and nontraditional aesthetics. However, it is important to keep in mind that these diamonds have a weaker light return than their modern counterparts, so they may not be the best choice for someone who wants a super sparkly sparkler.

It’s also important to note that since rose cut diamonds were not standardized by machine, they have irregular outlines and asymmetrical facets. Therefore, it’s important to buy from a specialist jeweller who can help you find a balance between certified quality and your aesthetic preferences. They will be able to help you pick a ring that is right for you and your budget.

Square Cut Diamonds

In addition to the four symmetrical sides that give square-shaped diamonds their effortless versatility, this cut’s unique octagonal step-cut structure provides understated glamour and eye-catching depth. A square cut diamond is also an excellent choice for Art Deco-style rings.

While ring styles vary by design period, most antique and vintage engagement rings incorporate intricate metalwork to portray natural themes like entwined vines and mythical creatures. These rings often feature rose, Old Mine, and Old European cut diamonds and gemstones such as opal, sapphire, emerald, and amber.

Asscher-cut diamonds, on the other hand, are a less common shape. Since these elongated, step-cut stones are more affordable than round diamonds, they can be an exceptional option for budget-conscious couples. They also showcase a classic, timeless beauty that complements any setting. Asscher-cut diamonds pair beautifully with rose gold settings, and if you love a modern twist on the look, consider a radiant cut diamond. This more contemporary diamond cut combines the clean lines of an Emerald-cut diamond with the brilliant-cut facets of a Round-cut diamond, for a sparkling result.

Three-Stone Diamonds

Traditionally, three-stone rings symbolize friendship, love and fidelity, which makes them an excellent choice for a woman who wants to add meaning to her jewelry. These opulent showpieces are available in a range of styles from Victor Barbone’s collection, ensuring you can find a diamond three-stone ring to suit your personality and preferences.

As with other engagement ring styles, the quality of the center stone is important to consider when shopping for a vintage three-stone diamond ring. Ideally, the accent stones should be of a similar carat weight and clarity level to your centerpiece. This allows the rings to be a harmonious whole while maintaining an eye-catching design.

This classic art deco style features emerald-cut side stones that elegantly frame a brilliant round center stone. The design is finished with milgrain beading and a stone-accented band.

Edwardian Engagement Rings

Edwardian engagement rings feature flowing lines, garlands, loops and florals, as well as detailed pierced motifs. Unlike the Victorian era, which was more ornate in style, the Edwardian era was defined by delicate lines.

Fine millegrain edges and pierced details were also popular accents in the era. As a result, antique engagement rings of this period can be very intricate, yet they are still streamlined and ethereal.

In addition, it was common for rings to combine multiple metals during this time. This antique 14k gold ring from Revival Fine Jewelry features both rose and yellow gold for an elegant two-tone look.

If you love the idea of an antique engagement ring but want to take a more modern approach, check out this sapphire and diamond ring from Erstwhile Jewelry. The sapphires and diamonds combine beautifully, and the milgrain detailing adds a touch of vintage.

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