A bartender can make more money in tips, and he can get plenty of opportunities beyond the restaurant work, such as bartending at weddings, private parties, and corporate functions. If you are a beginner at bartending, you need to get to know its basics and improve your skills to gain a better living.

  1. Learn the common bartending terminology:

Bartending, similar to a trade or craft, includes some common terminologies. Some of the terms carry a completely different meaning and may be confusing. For instance, “back” is the term used to refer to a non-alcoholic drink such as water or a soft drink served in a separate glass along with an alcoholic drink. Learning their spirited meanings can help develop your career as a successful bartender.

  1. Be familiar with the bottles behind the bar:

Bartending jobs require good knowledge about the bottles behind the bar. You need to know how to make simple syrup and a sour mix. It would help if you had some basic understanding of the bottles, such as how many shots are in a bottle and the shelf life of liquor. It is also worth knowing how to identify glassware and stock a home bar and a professional commercial bar.

  1. Know the basics of distilled spirits:

There are five types of distilled spirits: brandy, vodka, whiskey, gin, and tequila. They can be sipped straightly or used to create the base for cocktails and mixed drinks. As a bartender, you need to know the basics of each distilled spirit. For instance, you need to understand how brandies are processed and what the familiar brandies are. Brandy has a rating system to describe its quality, and you need to know about them thoroughly.

  1. Essential bar tools:

A bartender must have enough skills to handle essential bar tools like a cocktail shaker, bar spoon, and jigger. The cocktail shaker is available in stylish designs, and you need to know how to use each of them. A Hawthorne strainer is yet another essential tool used to separate ice, fruits, and herbs from the drinks. A Jigger helps to measure liquids precisely and to create consistent cocktails. A bar spoon has a long, spiral handle and is essential for stirring and layering drinks. There are several unique bar sets and tools used in high-class restaurants. You can learn about them by joining a bartending course.

  1. Garnishing:

The way you present the cocktail assumes great importance. Bartending course lets, you learn how to cut orange and lime garnishes and how to rim a glass. Garnishing does not only help to enhance the looks, but they add flavor to drinks. You need to know how to use decorations beyond the standard fruit garnishing such as with a persimmon cocktail garnish. You can hang animal drink markers from your cocktail glassware to entertain your guests.

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