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Wood bedroom sets not only look great but are strong too. However, not all wooden sets could last a lifetime. That’s why you should know the real deal in getting a wooden bedroom set.

Types of Wood

With the advancements of technology, some beds are not made with real wood anymore. Some bedroom furnishings are made of Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), while some are made out of both real wood and MDF.

Although MDF furnishings are cheaper, the option to buy real wood furnishing still has its strength on the argument but you can get furniture built quicker if you buy MDF cut to size


Real wood is strong and reliable. If it is taken care of carefully, it can last for generations. The strength of course would depend on the specie your furniture is made from. It could be soft, if it is made from cherry and pine. Some could be very hard if made from hickory and maple.

Each species used has its unique look, feel, texture and durability. Caring would only require you to maintain the room’s humidity at 40% or higher. You can also put non-wax polish every so often.


Contrary to popular belief that wood bedroom sets are not flexible, actually, they are. If ever you get a scratch on your furniture, you can always sand it out to have something as good as new. If you are tired of the color tone of your wooden furniture, you can refinish it to a new color. That’s how versatile wood is!

Environmental Friendly

Most semi-wood sets have lots of chemicals added to them. If you get a solid wood set, you get to do away with these chemicals and actually have healthy environment in your bedroom.

Cost Effective

Although the initial cash out that you have to make, when you buy a solid wood bedroom set, is quite large. You still get to save money, since you wouldn’t have to worry much of repairs and replacements.


Wooden bedroom sets are sometimes considered to be a family heirloom. Since more often, they are passed down from generation to generation. Through proper care and time, your wooden bedroom set can be an antique piece in the future!

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