Have you ever experienced a blackout when using a new appliance in your house? You might experience blackouts regularly if you have lived in the same house for years.Those renting an old house may also encounter blackouts if they’re in a rental contract. Then why are there all these blackouts?You may need to upgrade the electric panel if the electric panel is malfunctioning. This article aims to explain why you might need an electric panel upgrade and when to do so.

Upgrading the Electric Panel – Reasons to Know

  1. Lights Flickering

You should upgrade your electric panel if you notice flickering lights. If you still find this frightening, we’ll tell you why.Flickering lights are a sign of faulty wiring. In addition to light problems, faulty wiring can cause a burnt smell and even shock when touching appliances, such as microwaves or laptops. You will also find scorch marks, sparks, and burn marks on outlets or sockets in your home. Make sure that you keep an eye on the temperature of your electrical panel.

You should know that there is a difference between a fuse and a circuit breaker. Fuses are designed to blow when there is an overload on a circuit. Circuit breakers are designed to open and shut overloaded circuits. Make sure that you use the correct type of breaker for your wiring. You should have a licensed electrician inspect your electrical panel. The licensed electrician will help you identify the problem and suggest solutions. Make sure that all appliances are connected to their designated outlets. You should ensure that you do not plug appliances into unused outlets to prevent this problem.

  1. Tripping Circuit Breakers

You installed a new air conditioner, but your circuit breakers trip every time you switch it on. Why is that? A circuit breaker trips when it becomes overloaded and shuts down electrical flow.It is necessary to replace electric panels every 25-40 years. You won’t be able to use new appliances if your home is still using an old electric panel.

Electric panels older than 30 years don’t have the capacity to handle too much electricity.Many new and advanced appliances are found in modern homes today. If you have an ancient electric panel, your home may suffer from daily power outages. You will know that your electric panel needs upgrading when this happens.

  1. Power Strip Usage

Do you use more and more power strips to charge your devices everywhere in your home? There are a limited number of wall sockets in most houses, but using a lot of power strips means you’re using more power than your electric panel can accommodate.

There were only two or three wall sockets in a home twenty years ago. There is a shortage of sockets these days due to the overflowing demand for electricity.It’s certainly time to upgrade your electric panel if extension cords and power strips are all over the house.

  1. Safety at Home

You will be doing your home a favor by ensuring that it is safe to live in beyond upgrading its electricity capacity. Your home will be safer from fires and other electrical disasters if you are prepared and upgrade your electric panel.You can also increase the value of your home by upgrading your electric panel. Upgraded electric panels will be a selling point for potential buyers since they won’t need to upgrade.

You can hire a professional to inspect your electric panel if you are not sure if it requires an upgrade. Additionally, they can help you determine what steps to take to make sure your electric panel is functioning properly. For instance, they may suggest you replace the wires or upgrade the whole panel. Your home will benefit from either type of investment.

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