Hotmail Not Working On Chrome
Hotmail Not Working On Chrome

In order to manage emails for free, Microsoft provided a webmail service called Hotmail. On the internet today, there are other popular email providers such as Yahoo and Google that also provide free web services. Hotmail does not appear to work on Chrome or other browsers if you are a regular Hotmail user. This article will show you how to fix Hotmail not working problem.

Why Hotmail Is Not Working on Chrome:

Not only on Google Chrome Hotmail can work on any browser you use like Firefox, Safar, Opera, Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Edge (now). As you might already know that the digital world every device and every service is prone to errors.

People who use Hotmail as their primary email exchanger might have seen that for some reason Hotmail won’t open on Google Chrome, for this cause, I am here today to guide you to the solution to this problem.  The primary reasons why you can’t access Hotmail account on Google Chrome are listed below:

  • A poor Internet connection prevents Hotmail from loading.
  • Cookies and cache data should not be there.
  • Older versions of the browser.
  • The account has been suspended.
  • JavaScript may have been disabled in Chrome.
  • Hotmail is not working in Chrome due to anti-virus software.
  • There are too many extensions on the Chrome browser.
  • There is no device compatibility.
Spell Check Is On But Not Working In Chrome Hotmail
Spell Check Is On But Not Working In Chrome Hotmail

Fixing Hotmail problems:

Connect to the Internet:

Hotmail may not work on Chrome due to a poor internet connection as the first and foremost problem. Hotmail won’t load on their device is the most common issue people face. You should check if you have access to the internet as a first step.

Upgrade Your Browser:

Using an outdated browser might also prevent you from accessing Hotmail on Google Chrome. In order to prevent Hotmail Not Working on Chrome in the future, it is recommended that you update your browser regularly.

Clear Cookies & Cache:

Many applications and web services, like Hotmail or other email services, can have issues with cookies and caches. To refresh the browser, it is suggested that you remove unwanted cookies and cache. The steps are as follows:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click the Clear Browsing Data button.
  3. Select the item to be deleted.
  4. Press the Clear Data button.

Connecting to Hotmail server failed:

Another reason why you may not be able to access your Hotmail account is the fact that Hotmail may not be able to connect to the server. It is an issue that is generated by the server, and the support team working on the server may be able to resolve it. It is possible that this might be what is causing Hotmail to be unable to load on Google Chrome.

Enter the correct username and password:

It happens sometimes that when you attempt to log into Hotmail from the Google Chrome browser that you enter the wrong username and password. Ensure that you enter the correct username and password in order to prevent the Hotmail Not Working on Chrome issue.

As a result of following the above-mentioned methods, Solve Hotmail Not Working on Chrome problems should now be solved and the Hotmail email service should be operating normally once again.

How to fix Hotmail problems on a Mac:

Sometimes Hotmail does not function on Macs due to the fact that Hotmail is a Microsoft product and the Mac is an Apple product, causing compatibility issues. Hotmail settings for Mac must be configured to avoid issues. Incorrect configuration is the main cause of the Hotmail issues. Tor this to work, you will need to set up Hotmail on your Mac. To do this, follow these steps:

  • On a Mac, open the mail application.
  • Select Preferences.
  • Choose Account.
  • You can add a new account by clicking “+”.
  • You will need to enter a username, a password, and the type of account (POP).
  • is the incoming email server.
  • is the SMTP server for outgoing emails
  • To sign in, click Sign in

Using this method, you will be able to access Hotmail emails from Mac and add Hotmail as your primary email address.

Firefox Doesn’t Work with Hotmail:

It’s yet another browser that doesn’t work with Hotmail. The fact that Hotmail doesn’t work on the Firefox browser is a common issue. Here are some steps to resolve this issue:

  • Open Firefox, go to Preferences and clear your cache and cookies.
  • You can enable JavaScript by going to Add-ons> Plug-ins> Search and finding Plug-in JavaTM.
  • Go to Settings>Web>Privacy and Security and reset them to default.

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