Straight Sided Press


Buying a straight sided press can be quite an exciting experience, but it is important to take into account all the features of a press before deciding to buy one. Some of the features to look for include an adjustable bed, adjustable slide, a pneumatic die cushion, and a Knuckle joint.

Adjustable bed

Whether you are a back or stomach sleeper, a good adjustable bed can help improve your sleeping experience. An adjustable bed is made up of a metal frame that can be adjusted to allow you to lie in various positions.

Some adjustable beds also come with built-in massage features. These features range from gentle vibrations to powerful massage programs. Some adjustable beds even have memory presets for specific positions.

A good adjustable bed will keep your spine in proper alignment. It will also relieve strain on your neck and lower back. It will also alleviate snoring.

Most adjustable beds come with a wireless remote. This remote makes it easy to adjust the bed from the comfort of your bed. Some of these remotes are even backlit. These remotes are also capable of displaying memory presets.

Adjustable slide

Typically, a straight side press incorporates an adjustable bed. This is usually bolted to the front surface of the press and can be operated with a hand mechanism. The adjustment can be made to change the height of the die space.

The bed is usually built to a standard of 0.0015-inch deflection per foot of bed length. This allows the press to achieve superior deflection and compressive strength. It is also typically designed to provide the slide with a consistent torsion.

The adjustable slide is designed to achieve parallelism between the RH and LH side of the slide. The slide can be manually adjusted with push buttons or a power mechanism. A manual slide adjuster will also have an increment indicator of 0.1mm.

Aside from adjusting the slide, a press can be equipped with an optional electronics device that can monitor various sections of the stroke. This can be helpful in making sure the machine is in phase with the feed.

Pneumatic Die Cushion

Several operations can be carried out with a straight sided press. For instance, stamping, piercing, forming, and locating can be carried out with the aid of a die. The main reciprocating member of a press is known as the ram. This ram can be either hydraulic or mechanical. The ram is guided in the press frame.

The slide of a press can be adjusted manually or automatically by power mechanism. A hydraulic press has a support arm with rollers. It can also be equipped with hydraulic die clamps and a hydraulic pressure gauge. A die cushion can also be mounted on the press bed or on the flange of the slide.

A draw cushion or a bed cushion is a cushion which is installed in a press to give additional pressure to a die part. A draw cushion can be made from air, rubber, or liquid. The type of cushion depends on the requirements of the drawing operation.

Two-point mechanical

JS36 Straight Side Two Point Press is a high-performance machine. The press features a steel-welded frame structure and a dry type clutch. This press offers high speed, low noise, and excellent performance in progressive die tooling. It can also be equipped with a movable work table.

The two-point mechanical straight sided press is a high-performance machine that can be used for forming, piercing, and bending operations. The press features a straight-side frame design that virtually eliminates angular deflection. The press is also equipped with a servo press drive system that provides total programmability of slide motion profile.

The two-point mechanical straight side press is also designed to handle heavy tonnage die tooling. The press has a capacity range from 50 to 600 tons. This press is widely used for the production of auto parts. The press is also equipped with a variable stroke length that can increase the quality of the part.

Knuckle joint

Among the plethora of presses on the market, the straight sided press with knuckle joint makes a strong case for the title of most versatile. Its highly durable and rigid construction lends itself to a variety of forming processes, including embossing, sizing and coining. This press is also one of the more cost effective in its class, thanks to its enviable warranty and after sales service.

Unlike a coiled spring, a knuckle joint allows the press to revert to the state of gravity. This is especially beneficial for high performance stamping operations. The press has a capacity range of 180 to 630 tons and is available in both single and multi-station variants. The latest models are fitted with a multi-control electrical system to make sure the machine operates at peak efficiency.


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